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Tell me what it means

Last night I dreamt that my teeth were falling out, crumbling in my mouth, as if they were made of sandstone.  Some teeth were only slightly chipped, but several were worn down to nubs and the rest crumbled more with each breath and the roots showed through my gums and my mouth was so full of the bits and pieces I couldn’t talk.  I didn’t want to talk because then the pieces of my teeth, the tooth shards, would fall out and get lost and if I could just keep all the pieces together then the dentist could put my teeth back together again. I had a cordless phone and a business card and I called the number on the business card because I knew it must be a dentist, but a recording answered and no matter what button I pushed I couldn’t get through to a person and it wouldn’t have mattered anyway because I couldn’t talk or else I’d lose all the tiny bits and pieces I was just barely managing to keep together.

Is someone maybe just a little bit anxious?

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  • Kim

    Tooth dreams are like, the most common stress dream ever! Or so I hear. 🙂

    • Thanks for that link, Kim! Very interesting. Very, very interesting. The part about feeling powerless hit me somewhere in the chestal region — I must explore that some more.

      Have you gotten anything in the mail lately? 🙂

  • Tara

    A couple of nights ago I dreamed that my mouth was full of blood clots! Big, cottony blood clots. And I removed them and was rewarded with even more! Blegh.

  • ty

    That’s how the Salad Fingers transformation always begins. Do you find yourself attracted to rust?