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Evoking 1960’s Iconography

Ann Margaret

Astoria, Queens

May 2010

“Is it too much?” she asks as she poses with an unlit cigarette.

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  • ‘Cita

    Cute photo! But I’m not gettin’ a 60’s vibe. Way too cool outfit. And the hair should be down and parted in the middle. And greasy. Worn with beads and a tie-dyed shirt.

    • Joe said I looked just like Ann Margret or Bridget Bardot. ;-p

  • ty

    Another Hipstamatic convert?

    • Frost

      No, just a lame camera phone and a little iPhoto color fading.

  • Tara

    Actually, it’s more of a 40’s vibe – the headscarf thing.

  • Kim

    This picture = awesome.