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All ready?

Wow, so, it’s Wednesday. I really wanted to post yesterday, I had about a million things to tell you, but now it’s after nine thirty on Wednesday night and it just feels like it’s been so long since we talked.

First of all, the things that were said were said by people who’d never even seen this website or read a single word I’ve written, so don’t worry. I couldn’t believe how many comments and messages I got, apologizing for misunderstood or misspoken words. I had no idea you’d think I was talking about you. And no, Grendl, Nik didn’t say anything, and way to make a situation awkward.

Anyway, I should’ve been more specific. I was trying to explain how, despite the support from friends and family, I let a snide comment from someone who’s never seen my writing completely block me. And that it didn’t matter, because even if all I got were raisins, I was gonna keep on pushing.

Why does that suddenly sound so gross?

Moving on.

I have assimilated. I own a BlackBerry. It was free, with the data package, whatever, I just suddenly knew I needed to be able to access the Internet all the time, from everywhere, no matter what. Why did I know that? Because advertising works really well.

What we really wanted were iPhones, but the BlackBerries were free and I’d rather have hot needles shoved under my fingernails than use AT&T. Until this afternoon my cell phone was a little flip phone, cracked screen and chipped body, a simple device with a 1 megapixel camera and T9 text messaging, and I was happy with it. But now I have this … thing … this computer-like device that logs into the Internet and vibrates when I get a new email and downloads Apps and it terrifies me. It really, actually terrifies me.

In other news, I can now add Professional Blogger to my list of careers. I’d like to unofficially announce the unveiling of my latest project:

Picture 1 is news, events, information, articles and personal stories from attorney’s Ron Supancic and Robert Borsky, partners in The Law Collaborative, a family law firm dedicated to bringing peace to the legal process and helping families resolve crisis.

Take a minute to let that sink in.  Divorce lawyers who advocate for the family.  They’re the guys you go to when you really believe divorce is your only option, but you don’t want to go to court, you don’t want to fight, you don’t want to make a big fuss. They’re lawyers who believe in the child’s best interest, family first, and preserving the integrity of the relationship between divorcing spouses. They’re lawyers who will recommend marriage counseling before they talk about filing divorce papers. They’re kind of amazing.

Check out the blog and tell me what you think.

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  • Kim

    I am so proud of you and just think you are darn wonderful. And when I was working for the Goog and had a free Blackberry, I loved the hell out of that thing. I have been lusting after an iPhone (I am currently with AT&T and am satisfied), but just can’t shell out for the data plan (on any smartphone) right now. But someday? Yes.

    Congratulations again, you wonderful writer you.

  • Kim

    PS – now learn how to enable comment subscriptions on this blog! 😉

    • Frost

      I think that I just enabled comment subscriptions, or at least the weird WordPress version. Will you reply to this if you got an email notifying you of my reply? xox!

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  • ‘Cita

    Wasn’t that Grendl’s attempt at Humor? Congrats on the Blackberry too. (And you’re giving Mr/Ms Snide WAAAAAAAAY too much power there.)

  • frost

    ‘Cita, wasn’t that MY attempt at humor? And obviously! That’s exactly what I was saying.

    Kim, I know! I gotta figure it out… That and this blasted Blackberry.