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Me: We should rent that new movie about Darwin  You’ll love it.  Your girlfriend’s in it.
Him: My girlfriend?
Me: That actress you’re so in love with.
Him: Cate Blanchett?
Me: Wait.  I thought you had a thing for Jennifer Connelly?
Him: Yeah. I’d marry ’em both.
Me: Fine.  Whatever.  I’ll still be the youngest.

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  • tea M

    with the hottest body and the most beautiful eyes, and the poutiest lips, so there!

  • Kim

    Haha – I always tell Will when his girlfriend Cathy (aka Catherine Zeta Jones) is on TV. In fact, we watched her last night in Ocean’s 12. His girlfriend Cathy and my boyfriends George, Matt and Brad. 😉

    Have you seen the Jimmy Kimmel Handsome Men’s Club video? If not, I just posted it on my bloggy.