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Attention Burglars


Not sure if this is a joke or not, and I can’t remember what neighborhood I was wandering the day I took this photo, but I had to take it because it caused one of those moments when my head snapped backwards because really?  Is that really a storefront message to burglars?  And will they really give the burglars a reward for returning the stolen iPods?  Isn’t that like rewarding a dog after it rips off one of your limbs?

Then there’s that cryptic warning:  Danger!  Hollow sidewalk!  You can steal our iPods and we’ll give you a reward for it, but be careful of those pesky old sidewalks!

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  • tea M

    a neighborhood with a sense of humor… I’m in IMMEDIATELY! where DO i sign up! LOL <3

    • Frost

      New York, NY. We even have a futon for you to crash on until you get your own place!! 🙂

  • I’m more concerned about the hollow sidewalk thing. Is this a common thing in NYC? Do people often fall through into the netherworld?