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Almost four years


Our anniversary is the day after tax day.  And we still haven’t filed our taxes yet, or even begun to sort receipts and all the jazz that comes along with it.  We keep putting it off.  Instead we’re dreaming of how to spend our fourth anniversary together.  Shall we grab dinner and a movie?  Hire a private jet and fly to Paris for the weekend?*  Drop acid and make out?**  Or maybe just open a bottle of prosecco and enjoy some hot financial planning?

**even more unlikely

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  • What a beautiful picture of you both!

  • ‘Cita

    I vote for the last choice.

  • tea M

    Exquisite photo for your twinkles and glimmers to enjoy later on, whence they’ve arrived =).

  • Jim

    What I usually do (not that I’m recommending it) is request an extension until Oct. 15th. It’s called legal procrastination, hehe.