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*she dreams in a ray of sunshine*

Valentine has taken over my writing spot for the week.  She’s keeping it warm for me.  My J-O-B has a lot of stuff going on and no one is more sorry than I am over the fact that posting this week will be very light.  Last night I was so tired that I fell asleep across the laundry pile I was supposed to be folding.  It was only eight o’clock.  The next three days will be equally long and exhausting, so forgive me if you don’t hear anything from me until Friday.

One day, maybe, in a land where dreams come true, I can spend all of my time curled in my blue chair, the morning sun warm on my back, while I write and write and write.  But until blogging pays the bills, it’s off through the rain and cold I go.


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  • ‘Cita

    Stay warm, Soldier.

  • I love, love, LOVE your chair. That is awesome!!!!

  • Jim

    I know exactly what you mean, Trish. If I had unlimited time, I’d spent a good deal of it making videos. It’s a passion I’ve had to put aside, at least for now. Someday, I know I’ll get back into it. By then, I suppose, the technology will be much more advanced.

  • I have unlimited time… it’s not so great as you’d think it would be.

  • I agree with Hawk. I quit my job to start my own company, had lots of time on my hands, got bored, had very little money, and now one year later, I desperately need a job. It’s like wanting curly hair when yours is straight. The grass is always greener… Good luck with everything. It’ll all happen for you. It just takes time.